After retiring from sportswriting in 2003, Samuel Chi decided to kick back with the family in Florida – enjoying the sunshine, working on the golf game, watching football on TV, and oh yeah, running a bed & breakfast. Life was good.

But all that changed in the fall of 2006. After one too many e-mails from a college pal about the state of crisis in college football, Sam dusted off his keyboard and textbooks on statistics and voila, re-entered public life as the BCS Guru.

An award-winning sports journalist, Sam wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle/ExaminerContra Costa Times, and Pasadena Star-News. During his career in the news business, Sam covered a variety of events ranging from the Super Bowl, Rose Bowl, Final Four and the Masters to the Tour de France, soccer World Cup and the changeover of Hong Kong from Britain to China.

After getting out of the hospitality industry and returning to his natural habitat – Southern California – Sam made his re-entry into journalism in 2008, joining RealClearPolitics as a senior editor and now oversees RealClearSports and RealClearHistory. He wrote for SB Nation from 2011-13 and Bleacher Report from 2013-14 before partnering with ThePostGame in 2015.

While the end of the BCS didn’t mean the end of the Guru, it became clear that it was time to evolve. In 2015, College Football Exchange (CFX) was launched as the successor to the much-acclaimed BCS Guru website.

Just to provide some assurance of neutrality, Sam graduated with a degree in journalism from Cal State Fullerton, a school that discontinued its football program in 1992 but is a four-time national champion in baseball. Sam went to graduate school at UCLA; but despite his two years in Westwood, he feels no allegiance to the Bruins whatsoever.

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